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30 day writing Challenge #8 Book I like and book I didn't

I love to read. I don't even know how many books I have. It helps my grandma at one point had a second hand book store. SO it isn't just one genre, I own many genres. Plus for some reason in High School I liked to steal texts books so I have some of them too. Anyways I like this topic cause I have a ton to choose from.

A book I liked, the list is too long. I just finished the Once and Future King. Loved it. So that is what I have on the brain. Any of the Pendergast series, any of the Bones series, any one of the Harry Potter books. Most of Anne Rices books, like I said the list is endless! But what I am going to use is a series. Actually a couple of series. I actually didn't find them in a book store but a co worker who knew I loved reading lent them to me. The Malloeran and the Beligrad. By David Eddings It is two 5 book fantasy series. The Beligrad is the original and the Malloeran is the sequel. My only beef is they are the same story. Or basically the same story but the writer even plays on that. It isnt Game of Thrones though. While there is political intrigue. There inst rampant murder, rape and incest. It is much more like The Lord of the Rings. There is a ton of magic and mythical beasts. It is an easy read, could be a teen story. It also would be a very epic movie series or TV series if it was done right. The characters are well written. I really have nothing bad to say about this series. If your a fantasy nerd like me, give it a try.

Now a book I don't like. That's hard, most books I really like. And the one I am about to say meh to isn't even a bad book per say. BUT like the Beatles I feel Catcher in the Rye is maybe the most over rated thing ever. It could just be I am dumb. (I like to think that isn't true) but WTF man. If that is teenage angst back whenever wow. Like to me Holden is just an unlikable fellow. When I went on a quest to prove how "smart" I was I read a bunch of books like this. (Seeing hipsters read this book may be why I don't like them....) Come to think about it I read Johnny got his gun at the same time. What a much better book. Too be fair it has been a very long time since I read Catcher so maybe I will again. Maybe I will caught what I missed and love it. Kinda doubt that though.


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